How it works

Our aim with this website is to make it easy for people to give small amounts of time, and easy for community groups & organisations to benefit. We wanted people to be able to arrange volunteering in minutes not months.

Latest Project

community kids playground
We’re thrilled to announce the result of our jubilant fundraising campaign in defense of kids’ right to exercise in open air at the safety of playgrounds specially constructed to suit their needs. Huge props to the valorous superstars from the Premier League who responded eagerly despite the short notice.

Spots of Sport Project

We want to express our earnest gratitude for the dignified attitude of several sports betting companies and the online ranking site without which the whole campaign wouldn’t have been possible. Their admirable professional was much need for piloting the project and bringing it to a close with the happy ending we all wanted to see.
SpotsOfTime Team


We provide a web platform that makes it easy for people to give small amounts of time, and easy for community groups & organisations to benefit. With Spots of Time volunteering can be arranged in minutes rather than months and without the need for lots of forms and bureaucracy.


To do this we’ve created a set of bite-sized, fun activities; the kinds of things we’d normally share with friends and family but instead extending them out to the wider community. They’re intended to add value for organisations and be the topping on the cake rather than being a case of volunteers running services. We think this is where small amounts of time can be used best, to create enjoyable human moments that lift people’s day.


We work with organisations that are interested in engaging volunteers in new ways and making use of the small spots of time that people can give. We provide a flexible tool to make this process easier, we advise on how to reach out locally and get the best from using our site but we also believe that the groups we work with will be best placed to know who they want to reach out to and the best places to get the message out locally.

At Spots of Time we want to make it really easy for you to give a spot of your time to make a diference near you.

Giving time with us is completely flexible you don’t have to make a long term commitment or have a CRB check (though we’re happy to help you do this if you’d like to), and you can even invite friends to join you on facebook, twitter or by email. We’ll confirm your placement by email and send you the details you need to take part.
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Choosing Activities

choosing a community activity
The clever bit is that the organisations only pick the activities they’d like to host and indicate when they can welcome people. This means there’s no need for a back and forth – people can only ever sign up to do something a local group wants and at a time that suits them. So in that way our website can act as a way of matchmaking what people want to give with what people would like to receive.

What You Say

Thank you so much for inviting me to volunteer, I had a brilliant time. It was so rewarding to spend time with the elderly and it gave me a break from my own concerns and worries and put a healthy perspective on everything. So thank you!
Andre Penteado Photographer
‘I’ve never volunteered before and run a very busy company so locating a few hours was perfect for me. I also tend to spend time with people my age and found it both challenging yet very awarding to spend some time in care homes. It made me think about my own old age and how I really want to live my life
Jeremy Arnold Entrepreneur

An Ongoing Initiative

If we could get on the streets and clean up the surrounding area around our homes, then we would live in a much more friendly and tidy-looking urban environment. That was the initial thought process behind “My Home Area”. A fair point, one would think but in this day and age, it’s all about reaching the masses with the right message. And this we couldn’t have done without a push from like-minded influentials. The repeated acts of indiscipline have led to overly polluted areas in not one but many cities across the country. It is the severity of this destructive behavior that compelled us to raise the public awareness on that issue. Luckily, the elasticity of people’s cognizance was great enough to fathom when enough is enough and many were quick to heed the call.

What’s the Next Step?

This time instead of a humanitarian agenda, all eyes were set on a unanimous object – one that we all call home. Indeed, we hope to have abolished the harmful values promoted by the reckless lifestyle of the ill-informed youth. Earth’s health needs to take center stage in our daily lives. We can’t make light of our planet’s wellbeing. The indigence inaccurate information on the detriments of global pollution Inspired us to plan ahead of time a series of short classes to be taught in elementary and preschool

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