We believe, that everyone deserves unconditional love and care. Our duty is to help spread the love to the ones who need it the most. We realize the immense liability that has been afforded to our organization. We ensure, that the only beneficiary of our charity deeds will be the victims. In spite of the difficulties along the road of implementing the project, our team saw it through successfully.

What’s the Vision?

In short, channel our positivity through every means possible. Spots of Time is a strong team player. Alone, goodwill is not enough. That’s why, we cooperate with proven specialists who take care of the formalities were our expertise is insufficient so that we can focus on making the positive change we envision. Our quest remains the same, but our methods are constantly evolving.

Our Approach

Oftentimes non-profit projects fail owing to the lack of integrated strategy. The years of experience in the field of fundraising coupled with our unquestionable faithfulness in the just cause of what we do predetermine our effectiveness. We don’t go down the road of those who fell short. Our resolute, proactive approach involves monitoring through the entire lifespan of our campaigns.

To justify the heavy demands that have been placed on our organization we work tirelessly around the clock covering all bases. No pain or suffering shall be neglected on our behalf. Our earnest effort is aimed at both the elderly and those who need a head start in life. To this end, we deal with the problems on a personal level. Care homes, hospitals, or those whose home has become their own prison, we reach out to everybody in need of help. 


Main Areas of Activity

We don’t hang on to the vestiges of old achievements but rather always look for ways to broaden the scope of our activity. Heading into charity fundraising off the back of many successful campaigns, we hope to exceed the already high expectations towards us.

Although building sports playgrounds for kids is a fiddly job, we stay true to our beliefs and always manage to do well at the heights of the pressure. We pride ourselves on the many playgrounds we’ve built, all standing up to scrutiny. Our most congenial associates bring joy to hundreds of seniors and kids across the UK.

Left out elderly people are three times more likely to fall victims to burglary. For that reason, Spots of Time makes a point of safeguarding the old by forming and financing neighbor associations at the risky areas. The menace of being burgled again is something, that most elders keep dwelling on for the rest of their lives. Here we understand It’s high time we all acknowledge the harm that’s being done to the seniors and work tirelessly to abolish this heinous threat. And this is the thing we do with the utmost intensity.