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We don’t live in a vacuum, every action has a reaction especially when it comes to the impressionable, mind of children in elementary and preschool. We’ve got only one planet, one chance of learning to live in harmony with the natural ecosystem. So, it’s our responsibility to cut the Impudent youngster notion to the bone. This is not necessarily done by assertive actions, but by way of showing a better example. An example given by someone the youth would look up to.

With our “Be the Example” campaign we’ve left the patronizing tone under the bed and leveled with kids on the risks irresponsible behavior exposes our planet to. At the onset of violent climate change and a potential threat of mass species extinction, we need to take action. How we taught “our future” to be environmentally conscious and abandon the disobedient attitude, read in the following lines.

Art Makes an Example Easy to Assimilate

When working with kids we have to cut it fine, that means striking a balance between nurturing responsibility and preserving their puerile personality. Art has been the lingua franca we’ve used to great success in teaching juniors what’s the ethic thing to do. Short plays, joint activities like drawing the Blue Planet together this is the true genius of the artistic view on things. Pure, untainted, making people come together and unite around a shared dream.

Performers of various arts took over the stage of our improvised campus trying to get across to the kids and communicate a message of accountability and high morale. We tried every which way to plant the seeds of liability in their hearts. The event was conducted under the flag teamwork. Joint action driven by abiding faith in the capabilities of humanity to lead the change for a better future. This is the foremost idea we endeavored to propound amongst the youngsters – faith in simple dreams, and perseverance in insisting on small miracles we can do together.

Not just the professional artists who responded, but we want to express our gratitude to all parents who took charge of the transportation and food. There were even those who dipped into their savings and donated money for the cause. This is a substantive enough argument to show that we as society bear comparison with the great innovators who possessed unfailing faith and commitment.

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