a walk with an elderly person

We are working with the My Home Life network to support care homes to connect with people in their local communities to provide fun, creative activities that can help add to care home life.

In the next few months we’re piloting with a small number of care homes in London and Essex. We’re testing out new specially designed activities that we hope will work well for people who are experiencing dementia. We hope Spots of Time will provide care homes with a great tool to make it easy for them to capitalise on the skills, talents and enthusiasm of those who live nearby.

They will be able to pick the activities they’d like to benefit from along with times that they’d like to host people. All this information will go onto a personalised page that they can share with their local networks. Those who want to volunteer simply book online giving at least a weeks notice.

We believe that care homes are a core part of our communities and hope that this initative will really allow people to connect with them, to understand how they work and to be able to share fun moments with residents there.

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