a senior couple gardening

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.

Hanna Rion

We all know someone whose green fingers raise the loveliest lettuces, the most fabulous flowers and the most magnificent marrows and perhaps that’s you! If so, there could be an organisation in your area just waiting for you share your enthusiasm and expertise.

Maybe you know the perfect plants to tempt butterflies and bees, or just the right thing to grow in pots or a window-box? Drop-in centres, homes for older people often need extra help to make the most of their green spaces and what could be better for body and mind than making a garden a space for rest, education and beauty.

Often for residents in care homes, gardening is one of the activities that they miss the most. They wish their bodies were able to allow them to get knee deep in some mud, to plant something and watch it grow. You can reconnect them with that sensation by planting with them. You might work with your home to organise some indoor planting, spend some time looking after the plants that are in a home, in the shared areas, or in peoples rooms.

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