volunteers help clean community

How We’ve Learned Cooperation

Reportedly, supporters from all walks of life joined forces in resolving this matter of joint interest. This event will go down in the history of Spots of Time as one bringing people closer together for the sake of their own wellbeing. And thus, many people realized the huge potential of collective effort and the impact it has on interpersonal level. It’s fair to say, that “My Home Area” transformed the way people live and work.

The social benefits aren’t the only advantage though. Practically speaking, even without a specialized equipment, the volunteers managed to clean a sizeable acreage of land. This noteworthy feat didn’t go unnoticed with televised media providing live coverage almost every step of the way. One thing led to another and here we are pledging publicly to return on the same day, one year from now, with even more manpower and optimistic spirit.

Following in the Footsteps of Our Role Models

Time and again we get pleasantly surprised by the positive response of celebrities to volunteer work. We were surprised to see so many famous persons rising on the occasion of clean-up duty. Which comes to show the brash public persona is just guise for socially and environmentally-aware individuals. They readily used connections to spread the word across all channels. Leave it up to cross-pollination to do the rest.

This is what we attribute the huge success of this initiative to People brimming with enthusiasm thronged our small booth at city’s center few days prior to the official date of the event. They all wanted to follow the example of their idols and take part in the initiative. This comes to show we’re not living in a vacuum after all and due to the pecking order, it’s very important the message we spread.

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