live performance

Do you play in a band, like to sing or dance?

We are always looking for musical people to stage small performances for organisations we work with.

Care homes have a great resource in terms of performing space, and a waiting audience. Sadly the majority of residents will now only dream of getting out to see a gig or concert.

You can completely transform someone’s day by playing a few tunes on the violin, practicing your acoustic songs, or performing your latest dance routine. Anything from 10 – 15mins of music will make a real difference and lift everyone’s spirits. From complete beginners to signed bands, all styles and levels are welcome to get involved.

We also plan to start a fundraising campaign for artistic kids, the ultimate goal of which would be sponsoring the tuition of some of them through art school. We also plan on buying musical instruments for schools, art supplies and more.

Let us know what musical performance you have planned when you sign up. If you’ve got any questions about what to expect or any exciting ideas, just drop us a line.

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