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The stereotype of self-centric macho men driving Ferrari, dressing edgily and all the rest can’t be further than the truth. We felt privileged working with these congenial people who modestly adopted our views for the time being with one clear goal in mind – building playgrounds for the kids who can’t afford the pricey equipment or fancy gyms. In retrospect, these open-hearted sportsmen did their utmost to promote the campaign in the face of their jam-packed agendas.

The Sponsors Did a Tremendous Job in Funding and Pushing our Campaign

Huge credit goes to both outliers and rookies in the business who recognize the gravity of the problem and stood up for our initiative. The level of rumination they displayed is truly praiseworthy. Not only did the gambling companies keep the fund influx coming throughout the entire duration of the campaigns but they bequeathed resources and connections to our organization with every intention of fostering its success.

In the Short – We are Almost There

We are in the short strokes of embarking on the construction process, finalizing the contract with a highly entrusted executive company. Upon closing the deal we’ll do everything in our power to proceed quickly and finish the ambitious project in a timely manner. By the numbers, it took us one month and more than 10 organized events to get our message across to the public and to the regulatory instances, that had to put the stamp of approval on it.

Spots of time wants to thank once more to the Premier League aces, who advertised our project like no other could. Thanks to their valiant effort this charity campaign hit the headlines, which slammed open the door to partnerships with deeply respected firms that could carry out the construction of the so-planned three playgrounds.

We want to thank all our associates showing the strength of character and the backbone needed to support this enterprise ironing out every irregularity that arose. For much of the campaign’s duration, we had a clear sailing, and that’s no doubt thanks to our talented team of experts. All of which were and still are working around the clock to hasten the implementation of our project. With the commendable passion and dedication streaming from all sides, it’s just a matter of “when” and not “how” we’ll see our effort materialize.

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