the steps to success

On behalf of the whole team of Spots of Time, this letter ought to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed in one way or another to the establishment of the organization and its numerous non-profit campaigns. You provided the perfect complement to our vision. Our dream still lives on thanks to you, likewise, our inexorable drive to achieving it.

If we sit for a moment and think of it, how highly improbable was the existence of our organization today. We had to prove so many people wrong, justify our every move, let’s just say, that we’ve come a long way since we started. Muddling through was not an option, there is too much on the line for us to experiment, and thus we started seeking out help.

An Uphill Battle, but We Were Not Alone in It

Soon we realized, that in order to make a difference we need to scale up the project. Our indie team had little idea how to go about it, and that’s where a helping hand was most needed. It was a foregone conclusion that it’s not going to be easy, fortunately, we’ve met a bunch of congenial people along the way who lead the turnabout in dire situations.

We’ve slowly worked our way into a position of trust with those partners who we now call friends. It’s indeed because of their valiant effort that Spots of Time exist to this day. And once again by virtue of our loyal partners, we managed to break away from the dull bureaucratic niche, utterly ineffectual and cumbersome. Our widely divergent concept could not sustain mediocrity.

Sports betting companies often get a bad rap for an alleged penny-pinching inclination towards both partners and clients. Yet in our short history, they proved to be most respectful and always offering substantive help. There was no capitalistic notion whatsoever. If it wasn’t for our great sponsors we would’ve fumbled on in our naïve attempt to save the world.

The great people and associations we had the honor to work with, not only promised but delivered on the pledge. Let this letter serve also as an offering of our sincere apologies to those we ripped on. Our exigent demands reflect the irreconcilable attitude “Spots of Time” stands for, you all fared wonderfully, it was a privilege to work with you all.

Beside the point of partnership, we owe recognition to all participants who’ve put forward their service bracing up our charitable events. Huge shout out to all devoted volunteers who sacrificed their personal time and resources for others’ sake. Was it by happenstance or not but we never got our wires crossed. Even in the face of a wobbly sail, our common goal would always elbow out tenuous differences.

Be it food, venues, legal advice or pure manpower, it’s always volunteers who have got our back.
a thank you note